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Property specialists ready for Queensland-wide video link

Property specialists ready for Queensland-wide video link

Published:08 August 2017

Planning image courtesy Peter French via Flickr Creative Commons.

About 150 property practitioners and specialists across academia, government and the private sector are preparing for CQUniversity’s annual  Property Conference on Friday afternoon (18 August).

They will focus on property economics, development, investment, valuation and education, along with housing affordability.

Speakers and participants will join the video-conference event from CQUni campuses at Rockhampton City, Brisbane, Bundaberg, Cairns, Emerald, Gladstone, Mackay, Noosa and Townsville.

As Bundaberg Branch President of the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA), Bill Moorhead will promote the benefits flowing when developers liaise with their local community prior to embarking on a project.

“By finding out what the community wants and delivering where possible, developers can do a better and generally more cost-effective build of enabling infrastructure than councils, for a number of reasons,” says Mr Moorhead, the Managing Director of Multilow Pty Ltd (trading as Moorhead Family Communities, Bundaberg).

“Usually instead of paying infrastructure charges we prefer to offset that amount on community assets, both within and adjoining our projects.”

CQUniversity Senior Lecturer Dr Julie Knutsen will speak on property investment behaviour based on lessons taken from the behaviour of golfers, with her presentation titled 'True Links – Precursory lessons from golf for effective property investment decisions'.

Dr Knutsen argues that her research of professional golf makes the cut and finds the same strategies used in golf can help property investors avoid the rough.

"There are three psychological errors common to both bad golf play and ineffective decisions about property investment," she says.

"These are 1) over-optimism, 2) over-confidence and 3) locus of control [ie a belief there is control over all events].

"However, studies show that professional golfers have learned to manage these errors and understand the final play-off is won with patience, focus and commitment to sound judgement."

A CQUni Research Fellow, Dr Delwar Akbar will present a review report on the mechanisms to improve housing affordability in regional Queensland and an overview of CQUni property research.

CQUni’s Dr Garrick Small, the conference convenor, will present on the current trends and practices of property education.

There will also be a presentation by Dr Michael Kane, the Queensland Government’s Director of Innovation and Economic Strategies.

The conference will be opened by the Dean of CQUniversity's School of Business and Law, Professor Lee Di Milia.