New DV training package helping to upskill and prepare service providers

Published:05 July 2017

CQUniversity’s Queensland Centre for Domestic and Family Violence Research (QCDFVR) is leading the delivery of a number of accredited vocational learning opportunities and specialised workshops for professionals who encounter people experiencing domestic violence.

These workshops help upskill workers from across sectors, including health, community and education services, to prepare them to recognise and respond to domestic violence.

There are currently three accredited units available including:
* CHCDFV001: Recognise and respond appropriately to domestic and family violence
* CHCDFV002: Provide support to children affected by domestic and family violence

* CHCDFV004: Provide domestic and family violence support in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities

Each unit can also form a part of a broader vocational qualification, such as the Certificate IV in Community Services.  This allows participants to just complete one or all units, relevant to their training needs, or use the units to gain credit to complete additional qualifications.

CQUniversity’s Director of the QCDFVR, Associate Annabel Taylor, explained that these units are relevant to any professional providing support to, or working with, people who have experienced domestic or family violence; for example people working in human resources, lawyers, nurses and police officers.

“The QCDFVR is committed to skilling and developing professional workforces to better meet the needs of domestic and family violence victims," she says.

“The Centre has worked with sector leaders to develop CQUni’s units to provide a contemporary and practical experience for students, from a variety of different professional backgrounds. The accredited units we deliver are part of the nationally recognised training framework, so they have been based on extensive research and consultation with industry stakeholders, then endorsed by government and approved for use,” said Associate Professor Taylor.

Along with these accredited units, the Centre is also providing a number of professional development opportunities by way of customised workshops for organisations looking for targeted training to meet their particular needs and audiences, covering a number of topics including but not limited to risk assessment, leadership and management, safety planning and the domestic violence/mental health interface.

“These workshops recognise that organisations and individuals may have very specific training needs based on the service they deliver and their geographic location.

“As part of the workshop delivery, our expert facilitators will work with organisations to provide a tailored training approach to a group’s professional development needs.

“The Centre is really keen to work with organisations across the state to provide professional development opportunities and equip frontline service providers with the latest knowledge and skills to address domestic violence issues and bring about successful outcomes for the people they are working with.”

Organisations or individuals who are interested in undertaking training, either within one of the accredited units or specialised workshops, can find out more by visiting the Centre’s website at or phoning 07 4940 3320.

* CQUniversity is one of Australia’s largest regional universities and the only university with a campus presence in every mainland state of Australia.