Healthy cooperation augurs well for Central Highlands

Published:23 November 2017

Central Highlands Healthcare Board Chairman Paul Bell and CQUniversity Associate Vice-Chancellor (Central Highlands Region) Blake Repine have signed a Memorandum of Understanding that will enhance healthcare across the Central Highlands.

CQUniversity and Central Highlands Healthcare are working together to enhance healthcare across the Central Highlands by creating and managing shared research and development activities and partnering on projects aimed at improving health and wellbeing or the primary healthcare workforce.

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed by CQUniversity Associate Vice-Chancellor (Central Highlands Region) Blake Repine and Central Highlands Healthcare Board Chairman Paul Bell earlier this month.

Mr Repine said the MOU signifies a commitment to developing a long-term sustainable partnership to innovate and create health and wellbeing in the Central Highlands.

“By submitting jointly developed and funded research and development projects for external funding and supporting and linking with other research and development partners to produce the best possible outcomes and innovation, we hope to achieve our goals,” he said.

“Central Highlands Healthcare CEO Michael Bishop has also signed a standard clinical placement agreement with CQUniversity’s School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Sciences, allowing health students to remain in the region for their placements.

“We agree that practical clinical experience provides better education for our healthcare professionals.

“We believe this is the foundation of a long and beneficial relationship that will have a positive impact on the Central Highlands.”

Cr Bell said the health sector was looking for the ability to research and review the patient models being developed for rural and regional Australia.

“This partnership with CQUniversity will give us the opportunity to do that, along with the ability to present to government and future investors sound research as we continue to develop health services in the region.

“CQUniversity’s Allied Health program is one of the best in Australia and their connectivity to rural and regional Australia works well with the model we are developing.

“It will allow us to expand training and new services in the fields of allied health and nursing.”