Ada turns inbound into outbound, gaining a world of nursing experiences

Published:10 August 2016

Nursing student Meng Yuan (Ada) Zhu pictured at CQUniversity, overseas in Singapore and rehearsing for a Chinese dance performance.

Meng Yuan (Ada) Zhu is proud to have become the first international student to take part in one of CQUniversity's global outbound nursing program study tours.

Originally from Cheng De, near Beijing in China, Ada said she chose a CQUni outbound program to Singapore to extend her nursing experiences and to help with career decisions after graduation. 

"However, it turns out that I have learned and gained from Singapore much more than I expected," Ada says.

"Firstly, I had a great time with my classmates and wonderful team-leading teachers. As an Asian myself, I did not have problems with the cultural shock when I first arrived in Singapore. But when I saw and heard my classmates' big responses about the environment, the culture and the lifestyle, I realised that their cultural shock was just exactly like what I had when I first came to Australia.

"Everything was new to them and, at the same time, I could see they enjoyed what they encountered all the time.

"I tried my best to explain the Asian culture to them. Surprisingly, I also had feedback from them about the Chinese culture that I have never thought about.

"Secondly, communicating with excellent team leaders from different healthcare organisations became the best part of this program for me.

"They were not only keen to share each facility's advantage, but also showed us their current challenges, which made me think more about the Australian healthcare challenges.

"For example, we saw those fascinating robotic devices moving around the Changi hospital. We observed how St Andrew's hospital managed their mental health patients. We also experienced the limited spaces from the Lions nursing home and hospitals.

"I felt that there were many things that we could consider to apply in the Australian healthcare system.

"Thirdly, I have never really lived in a country for 10 days like local people during my trips. We were not only provided with a great opportunity for study purposes, but also supported by the University during my country visiting.

"CQUniversity paid the extra cost for our in-country transport, group visiting and partial food costs even. The Singapore program has taught me many things that I have never known. It is definitely worth it to go there and broaden your mind in a new way."