Information for international students

Updated: 27 January 2022, 11:00 am AEST

This page provides international students studying at CQUniversity with the latest information on health advice, travel restrictions and study options in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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What date are borders re-opening?

Fully-vaccinated eligible visa holders, including students, are now able to enter Australia.

With the new Omicron variant emerging, will Australia’s international borders close again?

CQUniversity is unable to predict what decisions will be made about State and International borders. You should always monitor the Department of Home Affairs for information on travel restrictions and borders.

Will I be able to get to Australia in time for me to start Term 1 in 2022?

Yes. Term 1 commences in March 2022, so students will be able to return and complete any quarantine requirements ahead of the start of term. Please note in NSW, VIC and ACT, there is currently no quarantine requirements. Students should check with their destination region or the university of they are unsure of any region-specific quarantine requirements.

When can I return to Australia? Can I book my ticket now?

International borders re-opened to international students on 15 December 2021. You may book your ticket as soon as you are ready to do so.

When do I have to return to Australia?

If you plan on studying in Term 1, 2022, you must have returned to Australia by the start of Term 1 2022 – 7 March 2022.

Do I need an exemption letter/registration letter from CQUniversity to travel?

No, international borders are re-opening to fully vaccinated travelers holding a valid visa.

Do I need to be part of a pilot program or submit an expression of interest?

No. You do not require a letter or to be part of a pilot program or have expressed interest. As the borders are now open to International Students, you may book your flight as soon as you are ready to do so.

Will CQUniversity help me book my tickets?

CQUniversity cannot assist with booking airline tickets. You are able to book directly via the airline of your choice.

Can anyone come to Australia?

International students from any country holding a valid student visa may now return to Australia. This does not include family members unless they hold a valid student visa. CQUniversity is not able to provide invitation letters for family members at this time.

Will I be able to return to any location in Australia?

Yes, you will be able to return to any location however it is important to understand that different Australian states have different entry rules regarding quarantine. You will be able to enter some jurisdictions without quarantining however others will require you to complete a period of quarantine which will likely be at your own cost. Please visit the COVID-19 Home Affairs website for the most up to date information.

I plan to study at CQUniversity’s regional campuses. How will I get from my arrival port to my regional destination? Will I quarantine in my arrival port or does quarantine happen at my destination?

Queensland currently requires overseas arrivals to quarantine upon entering the state. Therefore, if you are planning to study at any Queensland campus, including regional campuses you will need to plan to undertake quarantine. Arrivals to New South Wales and Victoria will not be required to quarantine.

Once you have met the quarantining requirements for Queensland, you will be able to travel freely within the state to your regional destination.

I am flying into Melbourne/Sydney, do I need to quarantine?

No. You do not need to quarantine when you arrive in Australia if you are flying into Melbourne or Sydney.

I am flying into Australia but not via Melbourne/Sydney, do I need to quarantine?

Yes. You will need to follow quarantine rules as outlined by the state/territory that you are flying into. Please check the Australian Government website to see each area’s quarantine requirements.

I do not want to return to Australia. Can I still study with CQUniversity?

Yes. You can apply for a campus transfer to be an online student with CQUniversity. Please contact Student Engagement for more information.

Will I need to quarantine on my arrival in Australia?

Quarantine requirements in Australia are determined by State and Territory governments so it will depend on what CQUniversity location you will be studying at. Information regarding quarantine requirements for each State and Territory is available on the Australian Government website. Please note in NSW, VIC and ACT, there is no quarantining requirements however arrivals to Queensland are currently required to quarantine in approved accommodation.

Does CQUniversity have accommodation for me to quarantine in when I arrive in Australia?

CQUniversity does not have any dedicated quarantine accommodation. Quarantine requirements in Australia are determined by State and Territory governments so it will depend on what CQUniversity location you will be studying at. Information regarding quarantine requirements for each State and Territory is available on the Australian Government website. Please note in NSW, VIC and ACT, there is no quarantining requirements however arrivals to Queensland are currently required to Quarantine.

Where can I get help with finding accommodation?

Please visit our Studying in Australia page, for accommodation information or contact the Student Engagement who can provide some useful tips.

I am already in Australia but would like to return home to visit my family and then return to Australia before Term 1 2022. Can I do this?

Please visit the Australian Government website, for more information on leaving Australia. Please note, that if you decide to visit your home country, you are aware that situations could quickly change, and you may not be able to return freely.  You need to ensure you are back onshore to study for Term 1 2022.

I have questions about my visa, can CQUniversity help? Please contact the Department of Home Affairs or your agent directly for any enquiries related to visas.

I completed my degree online. Can my family and I visit Australia to attend a graduation ceremony?

If your student visa is valid, you will be able to travel to Australia for graduation. Australia’s international borders are re-opening to fully vaccinated approved visa holders. To check if family members are eligible to travel please check with the Department of Home Affairs.

Will there be any special visa requirements?

You must have a valid student visa to be able to travel to Australia. We encourage you to ensure that your visa is valid or take action to apply for your visa now so that you permitted to travel as planned. You should also ensure that you have the required information for any other entry requirements such as proof of vaccination. If you have any questions regarding your visa, you should contact Department of Home Affairs directly.

Will I need to re-apply for my visa?

If you have a current valid visa at the time of your travel you will be able to use that visa. If your visa is expiring soon, please contact the Student Engagement team on to help with any COE or other needs. You should also seek advice from DHA regarding any other visa specific queries you might have.

Do I need an updated CoE before I travel?

No. If your CoE has not expired, you do not need to apply for a new CoE.

I have completed my course online. Can I return to Australia to seek employment? My original student visa allowed me to remain in Australia for two years following the completion of my degree.

Please contact DHA for visa advice related to your visa and work eligibility.

Will I need to be tested for COVID on my arrival?

Yes, current advice is that you will need to undertake testing before departing (you must return a negative test prior to travelling) your home country and upon arrival in Australia.

Do I need to pay for COVID-19 tests in Australia?

Australian state and territory governments are currently offering free COVID-19 testing and treatment. Please visit the COVID-19 Home Affairs website for more information.

If I need to quarantine upon my arrival, will any costs be covered by my student fees?

No, quarantine costs are not included in the cost of tuition fees. Travel to Australia and associated accommodation and quarantine costs are in addition to student fees.

If I need to quarantine upon my arrival, how will I gain access to essential supplies?

Hotel quarantine includes the provision of essential supplies such as meals. If you are quarantining in special accommodation or a private residence you will need to organise for supplies to be delivered to you through online purchasing or through government and community support services.

Do I need to be fully vaccinated to enter Australia?

Yes. Please visit the TGA website to see if your vaccination has been approved. You will need to provide proof of your vaccination status.

Do I need to carry proof of vaccinations with me?

Yes, you will need to ensure you carry proof of vaccination (digital or paper copy) when you visit most places such as restaurants, shops, entertainment centres and your campus. You should also ensure you carry proof of identity as well (eg. passport, drivers license etc.).

You will need to be able to present a vaccination certificate that meets the following criteria:

  • Issued by a national or state/provincial-level authority or an accredited vaccination provider
  • Written in English or accompanied by a certified translation
  • Containing at a minimum:
    • name as it appears in the traveller's passport
    • either date of birth or passport number
    • the vaccine brand name, and
    • the date of each dose or the date on which a full course of immunisation was completed.

I have been vaccinated with the Sinovac or Covishield vaccine? Will I be allowed to enter Australia, or will I need to be vaccinated with another vaccine?

The Australian Government has confirmed that it will accept arrivals who have been vaccinated with the Sinovac and Covishield vaccines. You will however be required to show evidence that you have been fully vaccinated. More information can be found on the COVID-19 Home Affairs website.

If I need to receive a booster shot, will I be able to access this in Australia? How much will it cost?

Yes, if booster shots are required you will be able to access this in Australia. The cost of this is covered as part of your Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

Will I need to have special medical insurance to cover any treatment I receive if I get sick in Australia?

No, as part of your student visa, you will also hold OSHC insurance cover which will cover you whilst in Australia. You should contact your insurer for any specific details of your coverage including any inclusions and exclusions.

What does my Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) cover?

OSHC assists in covering medical costs while in Australia. What is covered depends on the health provider you have chosen. Please contact your provider directly for information. For further information about what is included can be found on the Allianz Care Australia website.

Additionally, for any OSHC policies scheduled through CQUniversity (from 1 February 2020) students will have the added benefit of membership to student safety support service provided by Sonder Australia at no additional cost, to provide our students with 24/7 on-demand support. Once you have commenced at the University, you will be able to access this support via the Sonder app where a team of trained professional staff are ready to respond to your safety and wellbeing needs, anywhere in Australia.

How can I check my health insurance cover?

If you have arranged your Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), through CQUniveristy, the Student Engagement team can assist with accessing your policy details. If you have arranged your own cover, you will be able to find more information from your provider’s website and by activating your account, most insurance providers have useful apps you can download for free.

When will I be able to visit campus and attend classes in-person?

You can visit your campus once you have completed any quarantine (if required). You will need to complete the check-in process which means you will need to provide your Australian address, phone number and emergency contact. We suggest you have all these details finalised before visiting campus for the first time. We can also issue your student ID card.

If you are currently enrolled, you will need to continue to study online for the duration of Term 3, 2021. You will still be able to access campus facilities such as the library and computer labs and other student support services, however, your classes will continue to be held online. Classes will revert back to on-campus teaching in Term 1, 2022.

Will I be made to feel welcome on-campus?

Yes, CQUniversity’s staff and domestic students are looking forward to welcoming international students back to our campuses after almost two years. The results from the latest International Student Barometer (ISB) survey from our current students also rated CQU well above the national average for satisfaction across support, learning and arrival experience. This included 95% satisfaction rating for our student support services, 90% for our learning experience in course content, support and employability and 91% for enrolment, pre-arrival and orientation (Source ISB 2021)

Will I be made to feel welcome in the community?

Yes, CQUniversity operates in culturally diverse communities across Australia and our communities are looking forward to welcoming back international students and visitors.

If I return to Australia, will classes be delivered on-campus or will they continue to be delivered online?

CQUniversity is planning to resume normal delivery of classes at the start of Term 1, 2022.If you are currently studying offshore via online study and decide to travel to Australia during Term 3, 2021, you will continue to study online for the remained of this term in Australia. You are most welcome however to come onto campus and use facilities such as the library etc.

Do I have to attend lectures in person?

Yes, CQUniversity is resuming face-to-face teaching therefore you are required to attend in-person lectures once T1, 2022 commences.

Can I defer my study to a later term?

New students can defer their study to a later term depending on the availability of relevant units or course. Students who choose to defer will not be subject to financial penalties. Our International Admissions team can help you with this process. Please contact them on

Current students impacted by the current travel restrictions may be eligible for a Leave of Absence. As per the Leave of Absence Policy and Procedure International students requesting a Leave of Absence must make the request on the Leave Of Absence Request Form which can be submitted online at

I have already paid my fees. What will happen to this money?

If you have paid your fees, these will remain in credit on your student account at CQUniversity and will go towards your tuition fees once you enrol at the University.

I am a continuing student. What will happen to my student visa if I take a Leave of Absence?

If you are granted a Leave of Absence, your COE will remain active and there will be no impact on your student visa. If you have questions about LOA, your COE and visa, please contact the contact the International Student Support team for help and support.

Is CQUniversity still accepting applications? Are there any restrictions being placed on international applicants?

Yes, CQUniversity is still accepting applications and classes are still going ahead for all courses and for future terms Our campuses are open so that students may continue to access the learning and other facilities such as the library, computer labs and other requirements. If you are unable to travel to Australia there may be options for you to study with us online while still in your home country.

What should I do if I need to continue with English Language study or complete an English Language test?

Our CQUEnglish Language Centres, are open and operating, with all courses, including General English and English for Academic Purposes being delivered online. The University is using IELTS Tests onlinePearson’s Test of English – Academic, Pearson’s Versant test as a placement testing tool for entry to our English courses and TOEFL at-home option.