Current Students Change of Course

If you are a domestic CQUniversity student, and you wish to apply to change and enter another course, you may be eligible to apply internally by submitting an online application from the CQUni Handbook. To do so,

  1. Open CQUni Handbook
  2. Select your degree of interest
  3. Click Apply Now.

The CQUni Handbook will ask questions to determine the best application method, answer these and then complete your application.
Please note not all courses allow entry via change of course and you should contact us for more information prior to submitting your application.

You may be eligible to apply for a change of course if you:

  • are applying to change to a course at the same career level, for example, Bachelor to Bachelor
  • have successfully completed at least one unit in your current course (unless you are applying to change to a lower level course, for example, Bachelor to an Associate Degree
  • are an articulating student, for example, moving from an Associate Degree to a Bachelor or a Graduate Certificate to a Graduate Diploma, and have not graduated from the lower award.

Change of course is not available for higher degree candidates.
You will be required to meet the entry requirements for the course you wish to study and may be eligible for credit transfer for more information contact our Student Advice team by calling 13 27 86 or send us an email via