Psychology is the scientific study of human thought and behaviour.

The College of Psychology promotes an evidence-based focus to the examination, understanding and enhancement of health and wellbeing within individuals, groups, organisations, and communities. Human behaviour lies at the heart of many of the local, regional, and global challenges we currently face. We aim to equip our students with competence in professional and practical skills needed to solve real world problems and to create positive change. 

The College has strong relationships with industry, both within our courses and within our research. This means the skills students develop are specifically informed by the needs of the psychology profession and by other career paths within which these skills can be applied. Our graduates are employed in a variety of occupations including Disability and Youth Services, Human Resources, Education, Health and Coaching, Correctional and Forensic institutions, Child Protection, Wellbeing services, and as registered psychologists.

The College of Psychology is comprised of a team of diverse and innovative academics who are world class researchers and who are deeply engaged with the communities in which they live and work. Staff are located across 5 of our campuses – Adelaide, Bundaberg, Cairns, Rockhampton, and Townsville. However, most of our offerings can be studied online, enabling the ability to study from almost anywhere.

Our innovative courses include accredited undergraduate and honours courses in psychological science, accredited postgraduate courses in clinical psychology and professional psychology, and qualifications across a range of applied disciplines including positive psychology.