Acknowledgement of Country Video Series

CQUniversity encourages staff and students to deliver an Acknowledgment of Country at meetings and events.  It is an opportunity to respect local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their culture and to recognise the distinct position they hold in the national society.

It is important that an Acknowledgement of Country is delivered by both non-Indigenous and Indigenous Australians.

As part of suite of cultural resources for the University, The Office of Indigenous Engagement Acknowledgement of Country video series was created for use at all University campuses across the CQUniversity footprint. Individual videos are free of connection to a specific Country or Traditional Owner or Custodian groups.

This video series is a CQUniversity production, involving OIE staff, and Creative Arts and Digital Media staff, professional staff and students. The production of all videos was overseen by Cultural Consultant, Jenuarrie, with the videos created using On Country sites and in-studio at the Cairns campus.

Video Play List

To watch the Acknowledgement of Country videos simply click the play buttons.

Acknowledgement of Country

The signature Acknowledgement of Country versions, suitable for all events, both public and university focused.

Acknowledgment of Country – Electronic music version Transcript
Acknowledgement of County – Acoustic music version Transcript

Acknowledgement of Country – featuring Koinjmal Elder, Jenuarrie

Koinjmal Elder and CQUniversity Cultural Consultant, Jenuarrie, speaks in a 45 second acknowledgment designed to lead digital presentations, such as research projects or academic abstracts.

Acknowledgement of Country - Jenuarrie Transcript

Firesticks - The Meaning of On Country

Victor Steffensen, from Firesticks, speaks of the feeling and intrinsic knowledge that being On Country evokes.

The Meaning of On Country Transcript

Acknowledgement of Country – CQUniversity students

A medley of CQUniversity students acknowledging the University's recognition of the importance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in our nation.

Acknowledgement of Country – Students Transcript

What is an Acknowledgement of Country - CQU Students explain

Featuring two students, one non-Indigenous and the other, an Indigenous Australian, discussing a respectful simple way to acknowledge country and when and where to do so.

What is an Acknowledgment of Country – CQU students explain Transcript

Protocol and copyright restrictions allow for public use of the videos by CQUniversity staff only, for the purpose of increasing cultural awareness.