Uluru Statement from the Heart

27 May 2020

"CQUniversity acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the lands on which we are privileged to work and learn, and we pay respect to the First Nations Peoples and their Elders; past, present and future.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have invited CQUniversity to share in their journey as they work to realise the powerful aspirations of the Uluru Statement from the Heart. CQUniversity wholeheartedly accepts this invitation with authenticity, humility, and respect.

As a University we are determined to help shape a future based on cultural equity across all aspects of society. We will not hide from the reality of the past. We accept the significance of our shared history with First Nations Peoples and we will walk alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples in our shared duty of ensuring rightful recognition in the Australian constitution.

CQUniversity acknowledges that we can – and must – use our social impact as educators and researchers to enrich our communities by participating in the national dialogue for constitutional reform. As a Changemaker University, we recognise the need to engage creatively with one another, generously and continually. Through innovative approach and responsive understanding, we can transform current societal norms to fully express an inclusive Australian national culture.

We are proud of our aspiration to be Australia's most accessible, supportive and engaged university. Our commitment to embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leadership and engagement through a whole-of-university approach is enshrined in CQUniversity's Strategic Plan. We believe the University's greatest contribution to Indigenous Australians is to strengthen our relationships with them by providing access to world-class education, training, research and employment in a way that honours the aspirations of the Uluru Statement from the Heart."