CQUniversity offers a series of pre-university courses which provide excellent pathways into our undergraduate and postgraduate degrees if you are not able to meet the minimum academic or English language proficiency required for direct entry.

Upon successful application, you will receive a packaged offer for a suite of CQUniversity courses that will enable you to gain entry into the next course level. Our packaged offers may consist of a combination of English language courses, certificates or diplomas. Note that if you package an English language course with a vocational or academic course, your English course is free.

This pathway option is ideal if:

  • You want to get a feel for a study area before committing to a diploma or undergraduate degree
  • You want vocational education and training
  • You want a guaranteed pathway into a diploma or undergraduate degree at CQUniversity.


Australian Year 10 or equivalent


Certificate III: Year 1 of related CQUniversity diploma 
Certificate IV: Year 1 of related CQUniversity bachelor degree


This pathway option is ideal if:

  • You want to graduate with two qualifications – a diploma and an undergraduate degree
  • You want the flexibility of exiting with a diploma to enter the workforce earlier
  • You want a guaranteed pathway into an undergraduate degree at CQUniversity.


Australian Year 12 or equivalent


Diploma: Year 1 of CQUniversity bachelor degree 
Diploma: Year 2 of related CQUniversity bachelor degree as follows:

For those looking to kick-start a career in aviation, our new majors in aircraft maintenance may be perfect for you. CQUniversity and Aviation Australia have partnered to deliver two unique majors in Avionics and Mechanical for CG21 Bachelor of Engineering Technology. These majors combine vocational curriculum at Aviation Australia as a pathway into the degree curriculum at CQUniversity. Graduates will gain two qualifications after three years and a Certificate of Recognition under EASA.

A Graduate Certificate in Research is available to help you step through to a higher research degree.

This pathway option is ideal if:

  • If you don't meet the admissions requirements for a research higher degree
  • Would like to hone your research and investigative skills prior to starting your research higher degree studies.
Life as an International Student


Before coming to Australia I was quite concerned with racism, but after arriving here I realised that this country is so perse and it is home for everyone, no matter your skin colour or religion.

When I first came here, I was surprised at how friendly Aussies were. I used to do a little bit of walk every early morning, and people would be smiling, waving, or even stopping to have a chat.

Melbourne is a great place to live. There are multiple public transport options, relatively low crime rates and plenty of jobs.

Gradually I have understood the culture, found people to be welcoming and friendly, and I feel more stable.

  • thura-aung.jpg
    The friendly teachers are very supportive and encouraging. They believe in their students to achieve high grades and point out the areas we need to improve on. The staff make sure we are safe and often remind us to talk to them about any problems. I feel very supported in my student journey.

    Thura Aung

    English for Academic Purposes 3. Master of Engineering (Civil). Myanmar