Research Higher Degrees Academies

Creative Arts Research Training Academy

The Creative Arts Research Training Academy (CARTA) brings together research students, their supervisors and external partners to create a high-quality culture of research training in and around the creative arts. Building on the university's research strength in the creative and performing arts, as well as its growing profile in regional creative industries, CARTA aims to build a dynamic environment of disciplinary, methodological and pedagogical expertise to enhance the quality of research student learning.

CARTA's activities range from research intensives with invited national and international speakers, to guest talks and facilitated workshops throughout the year, to regular ‘shut up and write' sessions – activities that are held both virtually and in person. The ‘Fresh Eyes' initiative pairs students with external experts to enhance their work and prospects for success. Research students are encouraged to share their work for peer-to-peer feedback and to participate in targeted activities that help with things such as presenting at conferences, publishing and engaging with community and industry

Jilbay First Nations RHD Academy

The Jilbay First Nations RHD Academy is an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander research-focused community of practice jointly hosted by the Office of Indigenous Engagement (OIE), and the School of Graduate Research. The Academy is not restricted by discipline type and aims to build the research capacity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Research Higher Degree (RHD) candidates and academic supervisors. The support provided by the Academy includes academic, cultural, pastoral, financial, publication, resource, and system support to assist First Nations RHD candidates towards the completion of their studies. It will achieve this by developing and undertaking Indigenous research projects and establishing partnerships in collaboration with Schools, Research Centres, and Institutes.

Health Workforce Academy

Connecting Professionals In Research The Health Workforce Academy offers education and training that aims to enhance the applied research capabilities of higher degree candidates. We aim to share contemporary knowledge and innovative designs to upskill candidates and develop the vital skills to strengthen research performance. We are responsive to candidate needs by providing a platform to facilitate researchers, supervisors, mentors, national and international collaborators with health workforce expertise to share cutting-edge methodology, innovative research designs, pedagogy and theoretical conceptualization to advance the learning of our higher degree research candidates. The academy is unique in that we develop the natural synergy between numerous research areas with the unified goal of addressing contemporary health workforce issues. HWA brings together research candidates from three schools including the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Sciences (SNMSS); the School of Health, Medical and Applied Sciences (SHMAS) and the School of Business and Law (SBL) to support their journey in advancing their health workforce research. Students are supported to foster relationships with industry across acute, community, public and private sectors within Australia as well as through international academic partnerships. The Health Workforce Academy welcomes learners who want to be the catalyst for change and encourages potential national and international collaborators to partner with them in building the research capability for the health workforce.


Clean Energy Academy

The Clean Energy Academy builds on its research strengths in renewable and eco-friendly sources of energy, power generation, smart grids and distributed intelligent systems, and environmental and applied economics issues. The Academy aims to grow multidisciplinary research collaborations across the fields of mechanical and electrical engineering, energy, environment and economics, and to strategically integrate the capabilities of many top researchers to achieve even greater national and international attention. The Academy will focus on leveraging and extending the strong connections that our clean energy researchers have with the process, energy and resource industries.