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CQUniversity's applied research focus emphasises the translation and uptake of research findings to meet external stakeholder needs – the focus is not merely on increasing academic publications and citation rates.

Several aspects of our research are oriented towards real-world outcomes, including influencing government policy and regulatory frameworks; developing greater understanding of social issues of the day and contributing to decision-making through salient advice.

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At CQUniversity we know the value of our connections locally and around the world. Our partnerships help us create opportunities, deliver solutions and change lives. From time to time, we share our Connections Count update where we share our highlights, including research impact stories like the ones below. Sign up to become one of our valued connections.

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Close up of a cows face wearing an ear tag

GPS tech unlocks fresh fields for stock monitoring

It’s a world-first trial of global positioning technology in the grazier’s field, and CQUniversity’s Satellite-Based Augmentation System (SBAS) research project aims to make locating livestock a centimetre-perfect process.

An elderly couple walking through a glass tunnel pulling suitcases

Adventures with Dementia – accessing safe travel options

Australia has witnessed a paradigm shift in how we regard the neurological condition of dementia. We now know that people with dementia can and do continue to live engaged lives long after receiving their diagnosis. However, despite this realisation, communities have been slow to address accessibility issues for this population, making travel conditions far from ideal.

Surveillance worker standing next to a field with a tripod

Automated assessment of road safety and conditions

With almost one million kilometres of roads across Australia, maintaining this vital infrastructure is a major challenge for local, state and federal governments. The condition of roads influence user safety and research has shown poor road quality is a major contributing factor to motor vehicle accidents and subsequent driver injuries and fatalities.