Research Ethics and Integrity


Research at CQUniversity is monitored by the following Ethics Committees:

The Human Research Ethics Committee is responsible for ensuring compliance with the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research. The Committee focuses on research with or about people, or their data or tissue.

The Animal Ethics Committee is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Australian Code for the Care and Use of Animals for Scientific Purposes (2013).

The Institutional Biosafety Committee is responsible for ensuring compliance with commonwealth regulations for any activities involving recombinant DNA, genetic manipulation and any exposure to potentially infectious or hazardous agents such as human or animal blood or tissues, whether locally derived or imported.

CQUniversity is also an accredited institution under the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Regulation 1983.  All research undertaken by CQUniversity researchers in the Great Barrier Reef must be approved by the University.

Ethics Concerns and Complaints

If you have a concern about a research project being conducted by CQUniversity, you can confidentially report this to the Ethics Coordinator. Please click below to report your concern or complaint. Alternatively, you can contact the Ethics Coordinator via phone number (07) 4923 2603.

Ethics Concerns and Complaints

Research Integrity

The Code of Conduct for Research sets out the responsibilities and standards of behaviour expected of researchers, research trainees, and other employees who support research at CQUniversity.

The CQUniversity Code ensures that research conducted by the University is compliant with the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research.

The University affirms the Principles outlined in the Australian Code, which are:

HONESTY in the development, reporting and undertaking of research
RIGOUR in the development, reporting and undertaking of research
TRANSPARENCY in declaring interests and reporting research methodology, data and findings
FAIRNESS in the treatment of others
RESPECT for research participants, the wider community, animals and the environment
RECOGNITION of the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to be engaged in research that affects or is of particular significance to them
ACCOUNTABILITY for the development, undertaking and reporting of research
PROMOTION of responsible research practices.

Research Integrity Concerns and Complaints

If you become aware of or think there may have been a breach of the Australian Code, please contact one of the University’s Research Integrity Advisors.

The Research Integrity Advisor will advise whether the matter relates to a potential breach of the Australian Code and may assist you to submit a formal complaint to the University for Preliminary Assessment.

The University is committed to proportional, fair, impartial, timely, transparent, and confidential handling of concerns and complaints.

The University process to manage complaints is in accordance with the NHMRC Guide.