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Close up of a koala in a tree
© Gretchen Egen

Koala Research – CQ, formally the Koala Research Centre of Central Queensland, is a community funded research program hosted by CQUniversity. The project receives support and/or funding from a variety of stakeholders, research partners, community partners and individuals. The research group has been operating since 1994. It was established to support on-going research and to initiate new projects on koala biology, habitat requirements and the effect on koala populations of rural, urban and industrial developments in Central Queensland.

Day to day management is provided by CQUniversity through the School of Health, Medical and Applied Sciences. CQUniversity provides financial oversight. Ethical oversight is provided by CQUniversity's Animal Ethics Committee. Dr Rolf Schlagloth is the Research Program Leader.

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Contact Details

Koala Research - CQ
CQIRP Building 361 CQUniversity, 
Ibis Avenue, Kawana, QLD 4701

Dr Rolf Schlagloth (Research Program Leader)
Phone enquiries: (07) 4930 6964
Email enquiries: Dr Rolf Schlagloth

Pauline Holbeck (Administration)
Phone enquiries: (07) 4930 9264 (ext. 59264)
Email enquiries:


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