Empower: education for global competence and sustainable development

Education that builds the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes of global competence/global citizenship is known by many names around the world. At Empower, our focus is on working collaboratively to assist schools and teachers to implement this type of education for the benefit of every child, every day. 


Cluster Leaders

Dr Karena Menzie-Ballantyne, Senior Lecturer, School of Education and the Arts


Dr Miriam Ham, Senior Lecturer, School of Education and the Arts


Welcome to the Empower Research Cluster


Are you interested in education for global  citizenship? Global competence? Sustainable Development? Then we'd love to hear from you.  Here at Empower we are a group of academics PhD and Masters students who are dedicated to  practically oriented evidence-based research in this field. Between us we have two decades of  expertise undertaking action and other qualitative research at school and system level. In the spirit  of global citizenship we love to collaborate, especially cross-culturally. So perhaps you  have a conference where you'd like a speaker, you'd like to work together on a workshop,  you have a research project that you need a collaborator or you'd like to write a journal  paper together. If so, why not reach out? We'd love to work together with the ultimate  goal of effective education in this field.