Marina Cousins

Marina Cousins
School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Sciences
Field of Research:
Medical and Health Sciences
Dr Julie Bradshaw; Professor Ann Bonner
Student Type:
Doctor of Philosophy

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Thesis Name

The renal extended family phenomenon in dialysis units.

Thesis Abstract

This qualitative study explores the renal nurse-patient relationship and investigates what effect this relationship might have on nurses. Nurses provide individualised person-centred care for a patient that has a collection of symptoms in order to improve or maintain their health status (Scott, Matthews & Kirwan, 2014). Nurses gather an insight into who that person is, what matters to them, how they are feeling, and how to best support them and their significant others whilst receiving treatment. Professional boundaries are well defined within the scope of nursing, however, is the nurse-patient relationship different in the haemodialysis unit environment?

Why my research is important/Impacts

This research will provide valuable insights into the relationship between nurses and haemodialysis patients and how this relationship may develop from a therapeutic relationship into nurse-patient attachment/bond. This new knowledge may influence policy and subsequently highlight the importance of maintaining professional boundaries in renal nurse-patient relationships. In understanding this phenomena, management practices can be initiated to minimise the consequences by implementing education to reduce staff turnover/stress, and increase staff productivity. These measures are likely to reduce compassion fatigue on staff and enhance the patient experience.