Julie-Ann Malan

Julie-Ann Malan
School of Health, Medical and Applied Sciences
Field of Research:
Environmental Sciences; Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences
Dr Nicole Flint; Dr Emma Jackson; Associate Professor Andrew Irving; Professor David Swain
Student Type:
Masters by Research

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Research Details

Thesis Name

Optimal placement of offstream watering points to protect and improve riparian ecosystems and water quality.

Thesis Abstract

The research project will aim to provide graziers and land managers with an understanding of the optimal placement of offstream watering points to protect or improve river health. To achieve this, we are investigating how cattle use offstream watering points under different conditions. The research will be based in the Fitzroy Basin in Central Queensland, and carried out by local researchers. This research project will be led by Ms Julie-Ann Malan, a Central Queensland University Masters of Research candidate, working under the supervision of Dr Nicole Flint, Professor Dave Swain, Dr Emma Jackson and Associate Professor Andrew Irving.

Why my research is important/Impacts

The potential benefits of this research is that it will provide graziers with a cost-effective alternative, where best management practice such as fencing out cattle from streams and rivers are impractical; identify practices that might help to improve river health and water quality using cattle behaviour and preferences. The results will aid in our understanding of how cattle use offstream watering points in relation to a range of environmental conditions.


  1. Fitzroy Basin Association                    
  2. Fitzroy Partnership for River Health


Fitzroy Basin Association; Fitzroy Partnership for River Health; Australian Government