Karen Eastland

Karen Eastland
School of Education and the Arts
Field of Research:
Studies in Creative Arts and Writing
Dr. Nicole Anae; Dr. Jan Cattoni
Student Type:
Doctor of Philosophy

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Thesis Name

Tropes, Techniques and the Creative in Urban Fantasy: The absent, dead or present mother.

Thesis Abstract

This thesis examines the ways in which creative writing techniques can be used to influence a plot, and determine the setting and consequences of, and for, a protagonist by writing a suite of stories and manipulating the role of mother.

Why my research is important/Impacts

The research is important because it examines literary techniques many authors use to further narratives and entertain readers. To manipulate a literary shorthand device in the Urban Fantasy genre such as the absent or dead mother trope is something rarely discussed even though the trope in literature itself has existed for centuries. My research also examines the role of the present mother. The role of the mother in literature is a casual tool used, and expected, in literature from early childhood and into adulthood. It is important to highlight how this literary shorthand is still used to limit the role of not just mothers, but females, and female-identifying, characters, and how its continued use can have a flow-on affect in life.