School of Health, Medical and Applied Sciences
Physical Sciences
Dr Karen Klockner, Associate Professor Yvonne Toft
Doctor of Professional Studies
Darren Delaney

Research Details

Thesis Name

Investigating road transport accidents in Australia: The development of a Contributing Factors Framework Tool for the Trucking Industry.

Thesis Abstract

The road transport industry is large, diverse and integral to all industries to sustain economic growth and international competitiveness. However, because there is a substantial number of truck-related serious and fatal collisions each year, this project will examine how all the stakeholders involved in the transformation and transportation of products and services interrelate with each other and the accident sequence. To provide transport operators and external stakeholders with a resource that will assist in the investigation process to identify contributing factors of the truck accident sequence and enable the development of additional preventative measures to minimise truck driver related risks.

Why my research is important/Impacts

This research is important to Australia's road transport industry and external stakeholders, because it provides a tool to identify which component parts of the system may contribute to a truck-related accident. Therefore, informing policy writers and legislators to redefine the framework that is currently applied to investigating truck-related accidents.