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Dr Tasadduq Imam, Dr Catherine White
Doctor of Philosophy
Geoff Webster

Research Details

Thesis Name

A Study of Local Area Marketing (LAM) Techniques used by Australian Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

Thesis Abstract

SMEs are actively being encouraged to be more digitally ready. The purpose of this research is to advance understanding of contemporary LAM techniques and develop a framework for implementation within SMEs. This research will expand on the work of Finne and Gronroos (2009) who proposed an informal rethink of marketing communication on the basis that meaning is created out of messages received through the communication process. This research will specifically apply these findings to contemporary LAM techniques in a small business context.

Why my research is important/Impacts

Significant opportunities exist to advance the understanding in this research area, especially in relation to SMEs' preferences regarding LAM techniques (Boyens, 2010) and the development of a business engagement framework (Gambetti & Graffigna, 2010) for SMEs. There is also little understanding on how digital media marketing (particularly the social media) effects the consumer's personal behaviour and how SMEs can effectively capitalise on these informal communication networks (Wilcox & Stephen, 2014). This research will also assist marketers to understand how the use and reliance on technology enhances the meaning of messages and influences communication.


  1. Southside Chamber of Commerce

Small Business Solutions