School of Business and Law
Commerce, Management, Tourism and Services
Professor Bruce Prideaux, Professor Bronwyn Fredericks
Doctor of Philosophy
Joann Schmider

Research Details

Thesis Name

Collecting, cognitioning and capitalising local cultural knowledge for tourism: a Wet Tropics of Queensland World Heritage Area rainforest Aboriginal peoples' study.

Thesis Abstract

To develop a management model for assisting local rainforest Aboriginal groups to collect together their Traditional Cultural Knowledge supply and to reimagine, or recognate this into products, for cultural and economic benefit through the tourism industry.

Why my research is important/Impacts

There are no practical cultural databasing guides within the Indigenous tourism and or Traditional Cultural Knowledge literature that can be utilised to assist the Traditional Owner groups and support their engagement with the region's $2.7bn land related economy, particularly tourism industry operators and managers.


CQUniversity Postgraduate Research Award — Indigenous (UPRA-I)


Rainforest Aboriginal peoples' Traditional Owner legal entities