School of Education and the Arts
Education| Psychology and Cognitive Sciences
Professor Ken Purnell, Professor Bobby Harreveld
Doctor of Philosophy

Research Details

Thesis Name

An understanding of neuroscientific based education principles to enhance the everyday resilience skills in secondary school students

Thesis Abstract

Studies have shown that there is a need to improve the everyday resilience of early adolescents. This research investigates the development and use of a neuroscience education unit to teach students about the functioning of their brain and how it has the ability to develop resilience abilities, manage emotions and organise thoughts. Participatory Action Research incorporating teachers' observation and expertise is used to ascertain whether students incorporate the neuroscience principles into their daily practices and as a consequence, improve their everyday resilience and learning.

Why my research is important/Impacts

This study has been designed to gain a better understanding of the role that neuroscience can play in today's middle school classroom. It is anticipated that results will show how increased knowledge of neural processes can improve everyday resilience in this highly developmental time of the adolescents' brain. Results from this study will contribute to a further understanding of the neurobiological nature of everyday resilience, bridge aspects of the gap between the neuroscience laboratory and education, and give supplementary insight into mental health concerns in early adolescents.