School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Sciences
Medical and Health Sciences
Associate Professor Anthony Welch, Dr Eleanor Horton, Professor Sultana Faradz
Doctor of Philosophy
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ResearchGate: Virginia Howie


Research Details

Thesis Name

The lived experiences of registered nurses in caring for persons with intellectual disability in the Australian acute care hospital context

Thesis Abstract

Persons with intellectual disability (ID) are a diverse group with complex healthcare problems, who frequent hospitals regularly and require extra support during hospital admissions. Current evidence suggests people with ID continue to have poor hospital experiences with the overuse of carers, and lack of confidence by staff. Training is lacking in ID care in Australia, and it is unknown how registered nurses (RNs) know how to care for this vulnerable population group. Methods: A descriptive phenomenological approach informed by the works of Husserl and using Coliazzi's data analytical framework was the chosen method for the study. Results: pending. Conclusion: pending.

Why my research is important/Impacts

Despite decades of government reform to improve health outcomes for people with intellectual disability (ID), mortality and morbidity remains high. This research is important to understand how nurses negotiate the divide in caring for this unique patient group when education and training in ID care are lacking in Australia. There is a paucity of research published on nurses caring for people with ID in the acute care setting in Australia. Results will be used to inform policy frameworks for health service providers and professional nursing practice, as well as guide nurse academics in curriculum design through an evidenced-based approach to inclusive practice.