School of Health, Medical and Applied Sciences
Medical and Health Sciences
Dr Aaron Scanlan, Dr Michele Lastella, Dr Joshua Guy, Dr Vincent Dalbo
Doctor of Philosophy
Maria Madueno

Research Details

Thesis Name

The influence of physiological responses, activity workloads and sleeping behaviours on injury risk in elite basketball players.

Thesis Abstract

Currently there is no known research exploring the impact of training load while considering sleeping behaviours in elite basketball players. This information will better allow coaches to precisely adjust training workloads and/or interventions to improve sleeping behaviours to minimise injury risk. The following research questions will be explored in elite basketball players: • What are the internal and external loads comprehensively measured using modernised approaches experienced across the season? • Do internal and external training load markers predict player injury risk in isolation or in combination? • Does the influence of training load on injury risk change depending on sleeping behaviours?

Why my research is important/Impacts

This project will: • provide improved understanding of new approaches to monitor internal and external training load as many new technologies to measure player workloads are yet to be explored in basketball • identify internal and external load markers that give the best indication of injury risk and will establish if individual markers predict injury risk before and after factoring in sleep • provide insight if sleeping behaviours further alter the influence of training load on injury risk to adjust training loads around sleeping behaviours. Basketball coaches, players, and administrators may advance training load delivery for improved player health and reduced financial losses.