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Professor Brian Maguire, Associate Professor Celeste Lawson
Doctor of Philosophy
Anthony Weber

Research Details

Thesis Name

Australasian Paramedic Higher Education: a critical study of higher education qualifications that prepares students to be job capable and allowing for a smooth and adaptive transition into an ever evolving, rapidly changing prehospital care system

Thesis Abstract

Over the past 20 years paramedic education has undergone a transitional shift from vocational education into higher education. Despite the progress of paramedic education and standardised professional competency standards set out by an accreditation body, diversity of paramedic curriculum exists; such diversity potentially results in different transitions to employment and consequently the ability to practise as a competent paramedic. The aim of the proposed thesis is to review a curriculum framework based on best practise curriculum design that has teaching and learning components that prepare students for current and future practise. The collaborative approach to the recommended components of this framework is to be considered across higher education institutions to prepare paramedic students to become independent and competent practitioners that are able to adapt to the rapidly changing evolution of paramedic practise.

Why my research is important/Impacts

This research will be the first research paper to recognise the need for a standardised national curriculum based on best practise despite a recommendation in 2009 by Willis et, al. 2009. The paper will also contribute to the paucity of research not only in the field of paramedicine but more specifically around paramedic education within the higher education sector. There is a scarceness of published and unpublished literature around standardisation of curriculum and what constitutes best practise and evidence based in paramedic curriculum developing students with the necessary attributes that is highly sought after by industry.


  1. Paramedics Australasia
  2. Australian and New Zealand College of Paramedicine
  3. Network of Australasian Paramedic Academics