School of Education and the Arts
Studies in Creative Arts and Writing
Dr Nicole Anea, Dr. Sue Joseph
Doctor of Philosophy
Jordan Phair

Research Details

Thesis Name

—œAutie-biography— — A creative study on the benefit of life-writing for the Autistic mind.

Thesis Abstract

This research plans to examine, identify and work to provide a creative based expansion on the idea of "Autie-biography" or life-writing as a means to assist the neurodiverse, in particular autistic individuals, in relating their psychological needs or concerns. The thesis will identify the characteristics of "Autie-fiction" and explore how it can make a contribution to understanding autism. It will include a creative writing component which presents an example of this style of writing.

Why my research is important/Impacts

There are a significantly limited number of literary theorists who have completed research in the area of life-writing and its benefit to those in the autistic community — with an even lower number of those theorists having experienced autism themselves. This research aims to fill that gap. The research will combine a portfolio of life-writing as written by an autistic individual, as well as research that shows the benefit of this as a form of expressionism for those who have limited capacity in making their feelings known.