School of Health, Medical and Applied Sciences
Information and Computing Sciences| Medical and Health Sciences| Psychology and Cognitive Sciences
Associate Professor Amanda Rebar , Dr Grace Vincent, Dr Meena Jha
Doctor of Philosophy
Felix Parker

Research Details

Thesis Name

Habit Formation and Adaptive Dynamic Behaviour Change Interventions

Thesis Abstract

Behaviour change is a developing field with many conflicting and overlapping theories. While this presents challenges for designing effective interventions, it also creates the opportunity for research into behaviour change interventions to have significant real-world impacts across many different fields. With advances in technology, the opportunity now also exists for behaviour change interventions to be delivered using technology, and to adapt to their participants in real-time.

Why my research is important/Impacts

Dynamic, adaptive interventions based on real-time responses from participants have a broad range of applications. For those in medical health intervention research, a design produced by this project has direct applications in existing or developing rehabilitation programs. In other fields interested in habit formation and behaviour change, a proven adaptive intervention program design could be reapplied to areas like addiction (eg. drug, alcohol, smoking cessation), or in mental and physical health interventions (eg. depression treatment or weight management programs).