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Dr Nadia Mead, Dr Darren Walker
Masters by Research
Nadia Cowperthwaite

Research Details

Thesis Name

Novel Working Title: 5G, Microchips, and Lizard People Exegesis Title: From Conspiracy Theories to Political Propaganda: the marketing of misinformation

Thesis Abstract

Through creating a novel, readers will be able to experience the common threads of a family torn apart by someone's belief in conspiracy theories and their immersion into that community. The exegesis will look into why people believe conspiracy theories and how the media and culture surrounding them can influence the person.

Why my research is important/Impacts

It will be invaluable to have a deeper understanding of how misinformation is developed and why there are people who believe it. By creating a novel the research will be more accessible to the general public and there is hope that the audience will be able to come on the research journey and learn through reading an enjoyable story. In promoting analysis and challenging pseudoscience on a number of levels in the creative piece expertise will be gained through the exegesis that will build on to the existing literature extending a new branch into the study of misinformation through the lens of media development rather than a purely psychology stand point.