School of Health, Medical and Applied Sciences
Medical and Health Sciences| Language, Communication and Culture
Professor Jenni Judd, Dr Tina McAdie, Professor Adrien Miller
Masters by Research
Christie Wishart

Research Details

Thesis Name

Benefits to Wellbeing when Reintroducing Languages to First Nations' Peoples

Thesis Abstract

Land dispossession has had devastating impacts on Australia's First People and is linked to a loss of social and psychological wellbeing. Many First Nations' Peoples express a desire to be reconnected with their culture. Language loss is described as a loss of identity, while language is said to be integral to a connection with song, dance, dreaming and spirituality. It is essential that traditional ways of knowing and doing are adopted, to determine the link between language and wellbeing.

Why my research is important/Impacts

First Nations' Peoples continue to experience poor health and wellbeing outcomes when compared to non-indigenous people. Western health measures and policies continue to fail Australia's First Peoples. Many First Nations' Peoples have said language is integral to identity and to strengthening connections to culture. It is vital, through traditional ways of knowing and doing, to confirm the link between language, identity and wellbeing. Confirming this link would lead to increased supports in preserving, protecting and redistributing our traditional languges. Increasing and strengthening connections to culture and improving health and wellbeing outcomes for our First Peoples.


RTP-Indigenous Stipend Scholarship