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Associate Professor Pauline Calleja, Dr. Ashlyn Sahay
Doctor of Philosophy
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Research Details

Thesis Name

Evaluation of the Transition to Practice Programs (TTP) for New Graduate Perioperative Nurses.

Thesis Abstract

By 1993, all training of registered nurses was completed by tertiary institutions. However, this shift meant that graduate nurses were no longer considered 'fit for purpose' or 'work-ready' when beginning their careers. This is particularly true within the speciality of perioperative nursing, which is currently not included in the core curriculum of most undergraduate universities. The lack of work-ready nurses has resulted in employers needing to commence graduate training.

Why my research is important/Impacts

Australian standards recommend the formal support of graduate perioperative nurses to build the specialised knowledge, clinical competence and attitudes to be safe, effective, competent and confident perioperative nurses. The findings of this research are hoped to influence the development of transition to practice programs to allow for optimal support and education of new graduate perioperative RNs. This will be achieved by providing best-practice recommendations and a model of a Transition to Practice, which can be used to deliver an educational program that successfully supports new graduate RNs transition into the perioperative speciality.