School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Sciences
Studies in Human Society| Language, Communication and Culture
Professor Janice Pascal, Professor Janya McCalman, Dr Lorraine Tulele
Doctor of Philosophy

Research Details

Thesis Name

Working together with Torres Strait Islander People: Understanding the practice of professional helping in Torres Strait culture.

Thesis Abstract

Social work literature that prescribes models of professional helping, when working alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, are often generalised by grouping the two cultures together to identify as Indigenous Australians (Bennett et al., 2013; Green & Baldry, 2008). The identiy of both cultures is often blurred, and in danger of being lost, due to their perceived similarities, shared history of colonisation and experiences of social issues that continue to impact both groups.

Why my research is important/Impacts

The significance of the research is to develop new knowledge to assist social work and welfare practitioners to practice in a culturally competent manner when working with Torres Strait Islander People and community groups. This study will add to the emerging body of social work literature and knowledge, and the development of Indigenous Australian social work and professional practice standards. Additionally, the research intends to influence government and non-government organisational policy that directly affect the lives of Torres Strait Islanders.


Indigenous Research Training Program (RTP) Stipend Scholarship