School of Engineering and Technology
Information and Computing Sciences| Technology| Education
Associate Prof Ergun Gide, Associate Prof Julie Fleming, Dr Mahmoud El Khodr
Doctor of Philosophy
Kenneth Howah

Research Details

Thesis Name

Re-engineering the engineering and ICT course assessments in higher education teaching setting beyond COVID-19

Thesis Abstract

My study will investigate an approach to (Engineering and ICT) assessment that integrates key impactful issues rather than treating them as separate issues. In doing so, the study will aim to achieve deep, new and useful insights into contemporary issues of assessment delivery. These key issues are authenticity, academic integrity, graduate attributes, and the integration of technology into assessments.

Why my research is important/Impacts

A unified assessment environment that addresses the four key concerns in a holistic manner would be of significant benefit to any institution that choose to implement it. An effective assessment environment thus can become the firm underpinning for progression in other mission-critical areas such as learning and teaching methodologies, including work-integrated learning and assessment