School of Business and Law
Mathematical Sciences| Law and Legal Studies
Dr. Anne Ferguson, Dr. Amanda-Jane George, Dr. Emma Turley
Doctor of Philosophy

Research Details

Thesis Name

Establishment of Independent Commission Against Corruption in Papua New Guinea the solution to corruption? If not, what other changes are required to reduce corruption and improve accountable leadership, fair service delivery and democratic processes?

Thesis Abstract

My research will investigate the causes of corruption and financial fraud in Papua New Guinea. It will also investigate the law and legislative framework and culture and customs in PNG and analyse if the passage of the Independent Commission Against Corruption is the solution. What other factors are important for the government to consider improving if not? Is the anti-corruption legislation sufficient to address election fraud and the decline in leadership standards and accountability?

Why my research is important/Impacts

The research would identify further important factors that are to be considered and applied to support the operation of the ICAC legislation. It will identify the fraud and corruption network and their players, how they co-exist and avoid or undermine legal requirements and processes, sanctions, how illiteracy could be a factor in election fraud. The research will also identify how struggle for power and the desire to rule influences non-compliance, tailoring decisions to suit ruling political party and how enforcement of law and proper authorities are used to maintain power. For example, it will identify that the society's aspirations to have free, fair and democratic elections turn into a mere slogan when those in power and have the mandate orchestrate schemes to achieve results favorable to themselves whilst at the same time pronouncing free, fair and democratic elections. The research will identify core issues in PNG: leadership, legal framework and cultural forces.