School of Engineering and Technology
Associate Prof Preethi Preethichandra, Dr Lasitha Piyathilaka
Masters by Research

Research Details

Thesis Name

Development of an efficient human-robot cooperative system to teach robotic welding by demonstration for rapid custom fabrication

Thesis Abstract

To develop a system that can readily teach a robotic arm to carry out certain functions efficiently with a quick setup time. A skilled human worker with expert knowledge in the field would be able to demonstrate the robot on how the operation needs to be carried out. The robot will use additional input devices to learn the human demonstration and to complete the operation soon after the human demonstration.

Why my research is important/Impacts

This research has the potential for industry changing adoption of robotics in high mix / low volume workshop. The need for skilled workers and international economic competition requires the manufacturing industry to evolve and develop new and better ways of operating. The goal here is to simplify the complex teaching operation of industrial robots and introduce robotics in small scale manufacturing for mainstream use.


International Student Scholarship