School of Health, Medical and Applied Sciences
Psychology and Cognitive Sciences
Prof Nerilee Hing, Prof Matthew Browne, Prof Matthew Rockloff, Dr Margo Hilbrecht
Doctor of Philosophy
Catherine Tulloch

Research Details

Thesis Name

Wellbeing in those affected by problem gamblers.

Thesis Abstract

Gambling-related harms can extend to people close to the problem gambler (concerned significant others; CSOs). However, little is known about how this situation impacts their wellbeing. Limited existing research uses objective measures, such as psychological health, to explore the wellbeing of CSOs. In contrast, the subjective wellbeing of CSOs is currently under-explored. The research will use secondary data analysis to explore both the objective and subjective wellbeing of CSOs. Investigating how significantly gambling-related harms influence a CSO's global wellbeing and how these impacts differ across different relationships to the problem gambler and across domains of wellbeing (e.g., relational, health, etc.).

Why my research is important/Impacts

My research will provide a unique contribution to the field by addressing the knowledge and methodological gaps identified in the literature. Ultimately it will lead to a greater understanding of the extent of gambling-impacts within the community.