School of Engineering and Technology
Associate Prof Ronald Webber, Prof Bobby Harreveld
Doctor of Philosophy
Luc Bauwmans

Research Details

Thesis Name

Exploring the validity of the inclusion of classroom-based, experiential learning activities in Higher Education (post-graduate) project management curricula.

Thesis Abstract

This study intends to investigate if classroom-based, experiential learning approaches can and should be incorporated in a higher education project management curriculum, in order to achieve cognitive, psychomotor, and affective learning outcomes that underpin the meta-competencies required in today's work environment of project managers.

Why my research is important/Impacts

It has been suggested that threshold competencies underlying course learning outcomes in some project management higher education programs are no longer sufficient to deal with increasing complexity in projects, and meta-competencies need to be developed for project managers to cope with the demands of increasingly complex projects. This study intends to research new ways of achieving learning outcomes that reinforce the desire meta-competencies needed by project managers due to the increasing complexities of current project management.