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Dr. Abdul Mazid, Dr. Narottam Das
Masters by Research

Research Details

Thesis Name

An Innovative design of cost-effective lower limb exoskeletons

Thesis Abstract

The scope of the research work intends to deal with such assistive exoskeletons with an aim to give financial access to elderly people by virtue of reduced production costs. Further, the goal is to avoid the use of costly and sophisticated components like harmonic devices, microcontrollers and others and incorporating ergonomic mechanical innovations to improve the quality of these devices to be delivered into the market.

Why my research is important/Impacts

This research aims to decrease the financial burden on the government to provide healthcare services as it will offer more freedom to elder people in terms of mobility. It also intends to eradicate the limitations imposed by other supporting devices such as wheelchairs which require open plan areas and the use of special ramps as well as height issues with walking sticks that require frequent bending etc...


Academic Excellence Scholarship