School of Engineering and Technology
Dr Shah Neyamat Ullah, Professor Yuxia Hu
Doctor of Philosophy
Harrison Stamoudis

Research Details

Thesis Name

Numerical Modelling of Disturbance Effects for Helical Piles Installed in Sand

Thesis Abstract

I am currently investigating the performance and suitability of helical piles as a novel foundation system for offshore wind turbines. My research will culminate in optimised helical pile geometry and the development of theoretical prediction models as well as guidelines for installation and lateral capacity prediction of helical piles.

Why my research is important/Impacts

As the world turns to renewable sources of energy, wind farms are becoming an increasingly attractive option to meet current and future energy demands. However, due to limitations of suitable onshore locations, offshore windfarms may be a part of the renewable energies solution. Most offshore wind turbines are currently supported by either large diameter monopiles, or long driven piles, which are both costly to manufacture and whose installation presents certain environmental concerns. Helical piles may be a novel and economical solution to offshore foundations, however further investigation into their suitability is required.


University of Western Australia