School of Engineering and Technology
Built Environment and Design| Education
Dr Samer Skaik, Dr Ghulam Chaudhry, Dr Miriam Ham
Doctor of Philosophy
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Research Details

Thesis Name

Developing a Framework for Group-based Assessments in the Context of Project Management Higher Education

Thesis Abstract

In order to cope with the complex challenges of the project environment, project managers require a balanced mixture of soft and technical skills. However, employers are often dissatisfied that project management graduates are not well equipped with the right skills, often demonstrating a lack of soft skills. Despite higher education institutions' efforts to make graduates more job-ready with the demanded skills, the feedback from employers is not so pleasant. The research focuses on the function of group-based assessments to cultivate project management competencies in graduates. The study will identify the best practices of group-based assessments to inform its design and administration in higher education to enhance employability and readiness to join the workforce.

Why my research is important/Impacts

It is expected that the higher education sector will benefit from the outcomes of the research as the identified best practices for group-based assessments will guide academics to design and administer group-based assessments rigorously and systematically. In addition, if graduates are equipped with the right set of skills, the employability of project management graduates will be enhanced.


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