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Dr Ann Sardesai, Associate Professor Asit Bhattacharyya, David Keene
Masters by Research

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Thesis Name

Performance measurement systems: An investigation in the local government sector in Australia and Fiji

Thesis Abstract

Performance measurement is considered important in improving and controlling organisations. However, despite the increased interest in using and improving performance measurement systems (PMS), the number of researchers investigating this within the local government sector is small. This research aims to examine the implementation process of performance measurement in local councils across Australia and Fiji and to explore the use of benchmarking and its ability to provide a greater level of accountability to the government and transparency to the residents and ratepayers. The research will examine the existing PMS within councils across these two countries and the different levels of PMS, frameworks, and reporting and budgeting systems (RBS).

Why my research is important/Impacts

This research will investigate if performance measurement systems provide a mechanism for local councils to effectively benchmark their performance against their peers to improve their operations. For established systems, available data will be analysed to determine if benchmarking has changed behaviour at these councils to improve performance since their implementation. The project will also look at cases where performance has changed the council's culture following implementing and measuring these standard measures. These cases will be examined to determine how the culture change was managed and if they could serve as benchmarks for other councils.