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Dr Robert Stanton, Dr Luke Heales, Dr Steven Obst, Dr Katie Clift MD
Doctor of Philosophy
Emma Moore

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Developing and implementing guidelines for neck of femur fractures in the acute setting


Current pre-hospital management for Neck of Femur (NOF) fractures in QLD involves a non-standardised approach with paramedics managing the patient to the best of their abilities, drawing on their individual educational experience and that of their on-road partner. This non-standardised approach leads to inconsistent injury management and disparities in care provision which can result in delayed surgical intervention. In contrast, emergency department guidelines for NOF fractures are highly detailed including minimal times for orthopaedic review and commencement of surgery. Often these standards are not met, adding risk to an already compromised patient. Given the high number of NOF fractures seen by ambulance personnel, and the complications that can delay surgical interventions, it is unclear why no standardised protocol for NOF fracture has been developed in Australia. The lack of an evidence-based guideline regarding NOF fractures appears to be a gap in clinical practice for paramedics. The proposed program of research will examine this gap with the view to developing and implementing an evidence-based guideline for the acute management of NOF fractures.