School of Health, Medical and Applied Sciences
Psychology and Cognitive Sciences
Associate Professor Matthew Browne, Professor Matthew Rockloff, Associate Professor George Stuart, Dr Bradley Smith
Doctor of Philosophy
Brenton Williams

Research Details

Thesis Name

Gambling with your head or heart? An exploration of gambling fallacies and gambling expectancies

Thesis Abstract

Two gambling related beliefs have been linked to gambling related harm, gambling fallacies (GF) and gambling outcomes expectancies (GOES). Gambling related fallacies involve misunderstandings about the chances of winning more than losing financially from gambling. In contrast, GOES describe broad social and emotional beliefs about gambling such as winning is a good way to bolster one's ego. The specific characteristics of these beliefs have not yet been identified however GF is expected to be related to analytical based characteristics (gambling with one's head) whereas GOES are expected to be related to personal, emotional aspects (gambling with your heart).

Why my research is important/Impacts

Whilst current research provides an indication that gambling outcomes expectancies and gambling related fallacies are risk factors for gambling harm, there is little to suggest why a gambler might be more or less prone to each antecedent set of beliefs. The proposed differences in the characteristics that influence these risk factors are hypothesised to provide insight into how to best communicate to gamblers.