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  1. Grades and Results Policy

    Category: Policy | Subject: Academic; Student | PDF (156k)

    their use are in Appendix 1: Interim results. Grades 3.10 Grades are used to record the formal marks awarded for a student's academic achievement in a unit. ... grades and results are responsible for complying with this policy. 2 For details, see the

  2. Review of Grade Procedure

    Category: Procedure | Subject: Academic; Student | PDF (109k)

    1.2 This procedure establishes strict timelines for review of grades, clear criteria to meet, outlines the process for. ... Grades and Results Policy. Student Academic Integrity Policy and Procedure. Student Charter.

  3. Student Academic Integrity Policy and Procedure (formerly known as the Academic Misconduct Procedure)

    Category: Policy; Procedure | Subject: Academic; Student | PDF (275k)

    2.3 This policy and procedure does not apply to students undertaking postgraduate research courses, except. ... 3.13 Academic integrity underpins the assigning of marks, results and grades for exams and other assessment.

  4. Degrees with Distinction Procedure

    Category: Procedure | Subject: Academic; Student | PDF (94k)

    Degrees with Distinction Procedure Effective Date: 28/03/2017 Reference Number/Code: 8 Page 1 of 2. ... Degrees with Distinction Procedure Effective Date: 28/03/2017 Reference Number/Code: 8 Page 2 of 2.

  5. Deferment and Pre-Ponement of Admission Commencement - International Students Policy and Procedure

    Category: Policy; Procedure | Subject: Administration and Operations; Student | PDF (72k)

    CONTENTS 1 PURPOSE. 1 2 SCOPE. 1 3 POLICY STATEMENT. 1 4 PROCEDURE. ... 2 SCOPE. 3 POLICY STATEMENT. 4 PROCEDURE. Application and documentation. Submission and deadlines.

  6. Assessment Tracking and Resulting Procedure (VET)

    Category: Procedure | Subject: Academic | PDF (129k)

    Grades and Results Policy. 3.31 Assessment tasks within a unit are marked satisfactory (S) or non-satisfactory (NS). ... Informing students about assessment. Assessing work and providing feedback. Recording results and grades.

  7. Moderation of Assessment Procedure

    Category: Procedure | Subject: Academic | PDF (79k)

    Standards-based assessment (criterion-referenced) aims to achieve comparability of results between students, and this is further enhanced by collaboration between assessors and reviewers, so that the marks/grades awarded to ... This includes the

  8. Monitoring Overseas Student Visa Requirements Policy and Procedure

    Category: Procedure | Subject: Student; Administration and Operations | PDF (81k)

    as set out in the Monitoring Academic Progress (MAP) Policy and Procedure – International Students. ... Full Time Study – Duration of Study Policy and Procedure. Grades and Results Policy.

  9. Education Committee Terms of Reference

    Category: Terms of Reference | Subject: Academic | PDF (80k)

    determine results in all higher education units and non-award units for which students are awarded a final grade, in accordance with the Grades and Results Policy. ... 19 RELATED DOCUMENTS. Election of Members to University Committees Procedure. Grades

  10. Unit Coordinator Duty Statement

    Category: | Subject: Human Resources; Administration and Operations | PDF (73k)

    for these processes as described in the Higher Education Qualifications Policy and Procedure. ... Australian Qualification Framework. Central Queensland University Enterprise Agreement. Grades and Results Procedure.