CQUniversity students get hands on experience with Midwinter financial planning software

19 July 2023
Four students, three young women and one young man, who are casually dressed look at a laptop on a table as the appear to discuss something and smile.
Students studying financial planning units at CQUniversity are getting hands on experience with industry software thanks to Midwinter Financial Services Pty Ltd

CQUniversity Australia’s financial planning students have successfully completed Term 1, 2023 using Midwinter software, as Midwinter Financial Services Pty Ltd continues to support the development of qualified financial advisers.

In March 2023, Midwinter announced a partnership with CQUniversity to provide financial planning software to its students undertaking financial planning units. With this partnership, Midwinter is supporting CQUniversity with access to the technology students will use once they enter the workforce, setting them up for success in their profession.

Following a successful first term, CQUniversity is now developing the financial planning units around the Midwinter software further, with a view to making the modules mandatory from 2024.

Stacey Cowan, Head of Sales at Midwinter says, “The Midwinter team has been really impressed with how readily CQU students engaged with the Midwinter financial advice software. With the industry on the cusp of significant change following the Quality of Advice review, knowledge of advice technology is critical. With this partnership, students can practice and learn new financial planning skills, and familiarise themselves with real-life technology as they prepare to enter the workforce and become financial advice professionals.”

Dr. Angelique N. McInnes, Lecturer, College of Business and Law at CQUniversity says, “Students were highly engaged with the Midwinter software. They were able to familiarise themselves with the software quickly, and use the Cashflow Modelling, Super Modelling, Portfolio modelling and product comparison modelling tools effectively.”

Lachlan Melville, Bachelor of Accounting student at CQUniversity says, “This software gave us a really good insight into the type of software used by financial planners. We received good guidance from Midwinter around the use of the software throughout the term, giving us important hands-on experience as we look for job opportunities. Use of the technology also allows us to add another skillset to improve our resume.”

As part of the agreement, CQUniversity’s financial planning students have access to Midwinter’s financial advice software, as well as training to support the students using the technology.

The advice software is available to students studying a Bachelor of Business, a Bachelor of Accounting, and a Bachelor of Property Studies, as well as other non-business courses with financial planning units. 

For more information on Midwinter’s financial planning software or to request a demo, please visit https://www.midwinter.com.au/service/financial-advice-software