Campus comrades forge inseparable bond

06 June 2023
Natasha Jiri and Diksha Sharma formed their friendship at CQU and are still best friends to this day
Natasha Jiri and Diksha Sharma formed their friendship at CQU and are still best friends to this day

What began as a high school acquaintance blossomed into so much more when students Natasha Jiri and Diksha Sharma realised they were both studying the same course at CQUniversity.

Now having both crossed that monumental graduation stage together, the two have forged a bond for life.

Call them the prime exemplars for women supporting women, through study sessions and classes together Natasha and Diksha cheered each other on through their studies all the way to that tassle toss, both completing a Bachelor of Psychological Science.

“We both absolutely love the idea of helping people to live their best lives and overcome mental health challenges, so we’re very similar in that way with our aspirations,” Natasha commented.

“It was fascinating to learn about how the brain works and gain a deeper understanding of individual behaviours, why we do the things we do – and to go through the challenge of studying together made it all the more worthwhile,” Diksha said.

“If there was ever anything we didn’t understand in our studies, we were able to gain a better understanding from one another and just be there for each other too – it really helped to know that you weren’t in it alone."

It’s affectionately said that friends are the family we choose for ourselves, and as June 8th annually marks National Best Friends Day, we celebrate the value of true connection and having someone to lean on through life’s ups and downs.

And while they’ve had their fair share of good times and bonding at social events, these two besties have found they can always count on one another as they reflect on the unwavering support they’ve given each other through the challenging times.

“The most valuable thing about having a best friend is that there is always someone to talk to – no matter where we are in the world, I can always call Diksha and she will always have time to talk and no matter what we are going through we can always laugh and make memories together,” Natasha said.

“Having that relationship and connection with someone that is so similar to you to always be there for you through both the good and the bad is such a valuable thing,” Diksha said.

“It’s almost like having a personal unpaid therapist available to you 24/7!”

Both on a mission to help change the world one life at a time, Natasha is undertaking further study in Medical Imaging, while Diksha hopes to also gain further qualifications to undertake important community work.

“I believe we both have similar career aspirations in terms of wanting to help individuals within our community to not only better understand themselves but to address their needs to lead full lives,” Diksha said.

And it was that moment, crossing the stage together that marked a special landmark in the history of their friendship, forging a strong and connected step forward into their futures.

“It was so surreal to graduate with my best friend – it was nice knowing that all the struggles we went through together were not for nothing and that we could celebrate the achievements together,” Natasha said.

“The feeling of us both crossing that graduation stage and celebrating that achievement together is pretty indescribable,” Diksha commented.

“The mixed emotions of happiness, joy and relief for finally completing our course – to being scared yet excited for the future and the new adventures that were about to begin; it was a whirlwind, but the overall feeling I’m left with is happiness.”