Mustafa masters project management

17 April 2023

He learned the skills of project management on the job, but a master’s degree is what got Mustafa ahead in his career.

Before turning to CQUniversity to complete a Master of Project Management, alumnus Mustafa Duzcu worked with a project management team in Georgia in the oil and gas industry.

“I realised how I enjoyed working in that field with my engineering background,” Mr Duzcu explained.

“I started to research about an education in project management and thought studying a master's would be a good achievement for my career journey.”

Mr Duzcu completed his masters at the end of 2022 and said the qualification had helped him land the position he now has as an electrical and electronics engineer for a large electrical and communications company in Sydney.

"Doing the master’s provided me with a lot of skills such as scheduling and time management, working in a team, critical thinking and problem solving,” Mr Duzcu explained.

“My master's helped me to get my job even before I graduated,” he said.

Mr Duzcu said he chose CQUniversity because the staff were friendly and knowledgeable.

“I visited a few universities and the staff at CQU were really helpful and friendly,” he said.

“I remember asking about the differences between project management and engineering management and they gave me really clear and good briefs about everything so I decided to apply.

“Having good relations with very successful lecturers from the academy and from the field that I am in and still keep in touch with was the one of the many good experiences that I had at CQU.”

Mr Duzcu provides some sound advice for future project management students.

“Always have a clear goal and use each goal you reach as a step towards new goals,” he said.

“Have good relationships with lecturers and surround yourself with positive and successful people to keep you motivated.”

Originally from Turkey, Mr Duzcu said he was thankful for choosing Australia to complete his master’s degree.

“I made the best decision to study in Australia and at CQU. This beautiful and welcoming country has become my home forever.”