Women empowering women in tech

27 April 2023

CQUniversity Information and Communications Technology (ICT) academic Meena Jha wants to see fellow women excel in ICT.

So passionate about the cause, Dr Jha founded the Women in Technology (WinTECH) Society four years ago which continues to inspire and engage women in ICT today.

"There is a need to improve representation of women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and the Australian Government has started a conversation about diversity in STEM and ways to improve the underrepresentation of women in STEM," Dr Jha explained.

"WinTECH is a group of women dedicated to the advancement of women in the technology education and industry. Our mission is to provide opportunities, resources and mentoring to help women excel in their technology-related careers," she said.

The WinTECH Society which is also made up of co-founder Dr Sangeetha Kutty and steering committee members Professor Girija Chetty from University of Canberra and Dr Anuradha Mathrani from Massey University, offers a variety of services and activities to help women in technology succeed.

"We provide educational seminars, networking events and mentorship programs. Our members also share their experiences and advice on topics such as career development, job search strategies and the latest industry trends.

"We also encourage members to take part in our volunteer and outreach initiatives. Through these activities, we strive to create a supportive network of women in technology and promote the value of diversity in the industry.

One such member is CQUniversity Master of Information Systems International student from Uzbekistan, Zarnigor Rakhmonova.

"To improve my IT skills and knowledge, apart from the scheduled classes, I enthusiastically joined the WinTECH society which aims at building a community to empower women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics," Zarnigor said.

"I have participated in several activities organised by the WinTECH Society on various topics, such as Enter the world of Cyber Security and Business Analysis - From Theory to Practice where the industry experts share their unique experience with students.

"Personally, I am gaining valuable knowledge from each session, and looking forward to the upcoming workshops."