Do you think Australia should seriously consider becoming a republic and if so, would you vote yes?

05 May 2023

Dr Benjamin Jones, CQUniversity historian

My starting point would be to look at our current constitutional arrangements and ask, should Australia as an independent, multicultural democracy in the Asia-Pacific region continue to rely on Britain’s hereditary monarchy to provide us with a head of state?

The move to a republic would be an opportunity to make our system fairer and more democratic and most importantly, a republic better aligns with our national values of democracy, equality, and meritocracy.

Historically, Australia has been a great democratic innovator. We pioneered the secret ballot in the 19th century and were world leaders in giving full political rights to women in the 20th.

In the 21st century, it is time for Australia to make another great democratic change and replace the archaic monarchic system, which assumes that some are inherently born to rule.

All Australians are equal and every Australian child should be able to aspire to our highest office.

Reserving the head of state position exclusively for an aristocratic British family offends that most sacred Australian notion of the fair go.