Steps to success with cadetship secured

03 April 2023

At a time when there is an increased demand for more skilled regional healthcare workers, a partnership with CQUniversity and Ramsay Health Care is delivering cadetships to much-needed student nurses in the Cairns region.

With an accompanied guaranteed interview with Ramsay Health Care in the students’ graduate year, the cadetship program is seeking to resolve the skilled worker shortage, and also provide the necessary stability and job security for students.

Diploma of Nursing student Tyrin Waina is one of six students to recently secure a cadetship this year, learning vital patient-care skills at Cairns Private Hospital.

“I feel so grateful to have received this cadetship!” Ms Waina said.

“To be able to get my foot in the door of Cairns Private Hospital while on placement is amazing.”

The invitation to apply for the cadetships was offered to all students, and further information about the program and how it would operate was presented to the students during their residential school (on-campus learning) block.

“We were really excited to hear about the opportunity, and the application process was nice and simple,” Ms Waina explained.

“We provided some information about ourselves along with a cover letter and some basic knowledge about Ramsay Health Care.

“I plan to gain some experience as an Enrolled Nurse (EN) for a few years and then when I feel ready, I would love to go back to university to complete my Registered Nurse (RN) training.”

With no plans to move away from her home base of the Cairns region, this cadetship and opportunity has given Ms Waina the ability to continue to work and study locally without the need to move to a metro area to obtain her skills, furthermore providing her with the high likelihood that she will be able to stay local at the completion of her studies.

“It’s especially amazing to have a guaranteed interview for grad year,” Ms Waina said.

“I couldn’t ask for anything better.”

To gain a cadetship place, prospects will first need to apply to study the Diploma of Nursing (HLT54121) with CQUniversity.

Students local to Cairns will be contacted by Dr Colleen Ryan and invited to submit an Expression of Interest for the cadetship positions, at the student’s choice to participate in the program.

Final allocation of cadetship positions is decided by Ramsay Health Care.

For further information on the program, visit the Ramsay Health Care website