Gabby is set to lose her locks for leukemia in this year's World's Greatest Shave

18 February 2021

After 23 years of growing her hair' Gabby Rothery has decided to take the plunge and shave her head to help those suffering from blood cancer.

The Rockhampton local will get the chop as a part of the World's Greatest Shave at the CQUniversity Amphitheatre from 12 pm – 1 pm on 12 March 2021.

"I have wanted to do this for a while now but have always been discouraged by how much I love my hair'" Gabby said.

"I have decided to put my vanity aside and go for it. After all' those affected by cancer do not often have the privilege to choose if they keep their hair or not."

While Gabby has not been directly impacted by cancer' she considers herself to be one of the lucky ones with 47 Australians diagnosed with blood cancer every single day.

"I feel like this is the least I could do. Not many people can say they haven't been closely affected by cancer.

"I want to express my gratitude for my good fortune and health while helping others'" Gabby said.

"I recently had a donor reach out to me and share how a friend's young son was recently diagnosed with Leukemia and that encouraged her to contribute.

"It just shows when you sacrifice your hair – you send a powerful message of hope."

Gabby will also be changing her fringe in the lead up to the shave in a bid to raise additional funds.

"The highest donor in February will get to choose my fringe colour. I really need the community to get behind me to help reach my goal of $3'000.

"Thus far I have received great support from my colleagues at CQUniversity with everyone helping to run a BBQ' a bake sale and the CQUni Birdcage donating drinks for the event'" she said.

"No donation is too small – every dollar counts!"

To donate visit: